Film equipment rental
450 € / day

ELIT 3-axis stabilized head


Weight excluding battery: 12.5kg

Weight including 6S 10Ah battery: 14kg

Camera weight: up to 23 kg / 50,7 lb

Camera cage internal dimensions: H300mm x W300mm x D360mm

Hollow shafts in all axis: tilt, roll, pan

Power source: 24V 10.000 – 22.000mah battery or 24V DC power supply

Quick and easy tool-less balancing

Built-in GPS antenna prevents drift horizon at high speed applications

Advanced IMU connected with encoders and 32bit main processor are responsible for fast reaction to any external factors disturbance (like car shakes, crane shakes, etc.)

Reinforced aluminum 6061 T6 and carbon fiber composite construction allows to get best quality stabilization even in the hardest terrain and weather conditions

Axis working range:

a) Tilt: + 90 / – 140

b) R oll: +60 / -60

c) Pan: continuous 360


4 direct drive brushless motors with encoders are responsible for high torque and speed of movement

3 types of control / performance:

a) Fixed stabilization (always pointing one direction)

b) Follow mode (aavailable on tilt/roll/pan axis)

c) Wireless radio control (available in all types of control)


Built-in 3 voltage regulators to power external devices (camera, follow focus, wireless vision, etc.):

a) 14V/6A (D-tap connector)

b) 12V/6A (D-tap connector)


Wireless controller range: 500m

Top and bottom mount possible