Film equipment rental
540 € / day

Cooke PANCHRO/i Classic set 18 - 75mm


1 x 18mm T2.2 CF0.25m ø110

1 x 25mm T2.2 CF0.25m ø110

1 x 32mm T2.2 CF0.325m ø110

1 x 40mm T2.2 CF0.45m ø110

1 x 50mm T2.2 CF0.55m ø110

1 x 75mm T2.2 CF0.80m ø110

Maximum Format Cover

18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 27mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm: 31.1mm diameter (Super 35mm format) / 65mm (MACRO), 75mm: Full Frame

Focus Scales

Two opposing focus scales - metric or footage. Scales marked from infinity to MOD

Focus Drive Gear

140 teeth 0.8 metric module x 6.0mm wide x 105mm from image plane

Iris Scales

Two opposing linear T-scales - whole and third stops marked

Iris Drive Gear

134 teeth 0.8 metric module x 4.0mm wide 83mm from image plane

Internal Front Fitting Filter

Internal thread for filter adapter M105 x 0.75 pitch