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Air Mobile 2


The new CINETAPE 2 has an accessory for wireless communication, the AIR MOBILE 2. The AIR MOBILE 2, the wireless companion to the CINETAPE 2, is a small, lightweight, battery operated unit that attaches to any hand held FIZ unit or monitor. The AIR MOBILE 2 is linked to the CINETAPE 2 by a 2.4 GHz radio with a solid 500 foot range that is not limited to line-of-sight. Choose from 40 channels for clear connections. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity is built in. Integrated antennas are internal, so they are protected from damage. The AIR MOBILE 2 has a large red LED display, and LED indicators for Sense, Connect and Bluetooth. The AIR MOBILE 2 is powered by a small, removable battery that lasts an incredible 8-10 hours before recharging.

Size, mm: mm: 90.2 x 54.3 x 26.7

Weight without Battery: 133 Grams

Weight with Battery: 156 Grams

Construction: Machined Aluminum (Not Cast)

Finish: Black Anodize, Engraved

Measurement Units: Meters & Centimeters or Inches

Antennas: Integrated and Internal

Wireless Range: 150 Meters

Wireless Channels: 40 Selectable

Power / Channel Switch: Pushbutton

Up Switch: Pushbutton

Down Switch: Pushbutton

Bluetooth iPhone Range: 8 Meters

BT iPhone Device Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

BT-APP Connection Indicator: Bright Blue LED

Numeric Display: Bright Red LED (4 Digit)

Sense Indicator: Bright Green LED

Low Battery Indicator: Bright Red LED

Circuit Protection: Auto Reset Fuse

Battery Requirements: 3.6 Volts Sony NPBX1 (Rechargeable)

Battery Life: 8-10 Hours

Battery Release: Sliding Door

Mounting: 1/4-20 Threaded Hole (8)